Photos will be available within 2-3 days of the event. 
If you do not see the gallery for your location, that means the event
photos are not quite ready yet! Please check back again tomorrow!

How do I search for my photos?

There are 2 options you can use to find your photos! You can use either facial recognition or search by time of day/obstacle!

How to search by facial recognition

You can try by uploading a photo of yourself and searching our face database*. For best results, upload a high-quality photo, and make sure you’re the only person in it. If you have a photo from the race day, like a selfie that would work the best! Visit the photo gallery page and follow the prompts!

How to search by time of day / obstacle

Visit the photo gallery page and use the Quick link drop down menu to search by time of day and obstacle. Once you find 1 photo, click on the photo and a yellow box will appear around your face. You can click that box to search for more photos, or you can continue to search by time of day/obstacle.

I think there's some photos of me missing!

  • Click on one of your photos and then click the box around your face; the facial search feature will find the rest of your photos, or you can upload a selfie (ideally from the event day)
  • Click the green “Add to bib number” to add the photo to your photo gallery
  • Download

Pro-tip! If you ran with friends, look them up, sometimes your images will be close together! 

If you need additional help, please email the photographers: Please include the event, the time you started your run, name, and if you can, any details, like what you were wearing, anything we can use to help find you!

*“I have been advised and understand that Outside Interactive, Inc. (operating under its FinisherPix brand) collects, retains, uses, analyzes, and shares with its vendors (exclusively for the limited purposes necessary to provision its Services) event photographs using facial recognition software. This software is used to offer you the opportunity to acquire photographs of your participation in the event on its website, (the “Services”). Where applicable, under relevant laws, this use of facial recognition technology may constitute the collection of your biometric identifier or biometric information. By registering for this event, I consent to: (a) the collection, use and storage of a scan of face geometry by FinisherPix and its relevant vendors; and (b) FinisherPix disclosing any scan of face geometry to its vendors for use, analysis and storage solely for the purposes of FinisherPix’s performance of the Services, and for no other reason. The consents provided herein may be revoked at any time by contacting FinisherPix in writing at and notifying them of such revocation.”